In SEO is Quality Better Than Quantity?

Any brand hoping to start a search engine London SEO optimisation must firstly understand their target audience and the keywords that they'll be using to get your service or merchandise.

A search and demand analysis will establish the target market and ensure that site content and the SEO campaign is tailored to the requirements the industry. There are many keyword tools available online that will show how popular a search term is, the local search amounts and the competition.

Once all on-page changes have been completed work can commence. A variable that influences how related a site is to an unique keyword phrase is the links pointing to the website. High quality links which come from other information rich and established site will raise the relevance of your own site, and whilst the act of link building is focused upon increasing the number of links pointing to your site the chief emphasis isn't upon the quantity of links but instead the quality of the links. So whilst submitting your site to directories and swapping links may raise the volume of links they aren't necessarily as powerful as a link pointing from another powerful site or blog.

There's no simple way to obtain a link on other sites but the best course of action will be to routinely update the site or invest in a business site where you can post convincing and engaging content.

Once a list of key word phrases to target was ascertained the next move will be where your site sits in the rankings for them to establish. It will be possible to buy software or download programs to quantify your site position against the keyword phrases; instead you can just search each phrase and search for your site. Choosing a notice of the starting search engine placement will enable you to benchmark the campaign process.

Join the industry community both online and offline, the more you share your knowledge and expertise with your peers and market the greater opportunity that they will see and link to your site. The heart of link building shouldn't be about building unnecessary links but about promoting your brand, creating quality content and engaging your target audience; the traffic and inbound links will follow if you understand this right then.

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