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We head for the lavatory as soon as we get up, and sometimes our mood counts on the exterior and comfort of this room. One wants to create the trip to the toilet the first agreeable moment of the starting morning. This article tells about systems of beautification of the non residential premise that rouses a handful of censures because of hassle of preparation and minimum space. Our dear readers must have already thought that in this informative article we will talk about toilets.

So, you have determined to change the appearance of your water closet. The very first and the main thing for you to know is that you can not do without preparation decisions. Simple move of sanitaryware gear will not increase the number of so needed space. Let us consider several variants of design of toilets for premises with small region. We offer to your thought variants that make use of the device of installment. The essence of this method lies in transferring the waste tank, conduits and fixture of the lavatory pan into the wall with the aid of the special fixation system. You will easily have the ability to access the farthest corner of the toilet and keep the flooring clean. Moreover, this technology enables to keep peace and quiet in your toilet and neighbouring premises. Additional surfaces revealed by installment will be not only practical in terms of hygiene, but will likewise make your bathroom more contemporary and beautiful. Utilization of complication of kind of the premise and non - standard elements will likewise assist to use the region rationally. Extremely interesting is the form, the moment the washroom is found in the corner, diagonally, which makes the premise appear elegant vacates the space along walls and also.

By the way, zoning of little water closets is best done by functional elements instead of bulky partitions "eating away" the region. Decor of the toilet in the "empire" style is just another illustration of our statement. Columns, supporting a cover, walls, ended by the plaster, original lights, mosaic panel over the toilet, ceiling from built-in glass with double highlight give the premise the appearance of a unique architectural masterpiece. Let us underline that finishing of walls can be utterly distinct in almost any variant of preparation, starting from paving of one colour tile over all perimeter and ending by an art panel or by the combined variant: tile paint. It is better to select as the ground coverage water heat insulated floor for the toilet. The flooring ceramic tile that variety can meet any taste also didn't lose its actuality. It is better to cover the surface by stretched ceilings (refer to the previous post) or ceiling panels, these constructions are lasting, aesthetically stunning and immediately mounted. And spot lights, which fill the space with pleasant light, give a perfect match for them. Certainly, the abovementioned design decisions are only a couple of examples of bathroom planning. Surely, the designers of top repair and construction companies during the evolution of interior will take into account SPECIFICALLY YOUR tastes and wishes. And after stepping on the threshold of your brand-new toilet, you are going to switch into a splendid mood and certainly will exclaim in rapture: "Long live the scented soap as well as the fluffy towel!"

A podium is of great importance for appearance and comfort of the toilet. Stage hoisting is intended to make the way in and out of washroom easier. Depending on the style of the design, footsteps can have various shapes, whether or not a classical flight of stairs or possibly a pleasant flexible line. However during the choice of any form it is essential to take into account that facing tile for footsteps will be to have nonslippery properties. We'll get so needed additional space where we can locate a bidet like it and laundry area, by way of example, if we use these small tricks. However, be realistic about additional functions for your own toilet and not showing excessive zeal, remember about free space, required for moving about. Some regular flats have such tiny toilets that no relocations and alterations, without radical changes, will add the needed space.

In more commodious toilets, the design fantasy can create such pirouettes that one can hardly weblink imagine. We'll illustrate our statement with an instance of the fascinating and non-standard planning. Building of the freestanding wall can not simply add creativity and style to your bathroom, but can also block the view of the toilet. As a result, there appears additional surface, that you can rationally use. In this case it was suggested to mount the washbowl with sufficiently large mirror on it. From the reverse side of the partition you can create open shelves for keeping bathing accessories and various domestic trifles.

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